History of Emmanuel


Emmanuel Baptist Church was started by an American missionary couple, Pastor Bill & Norma Carter and their son Bill on 3rd February 1980. Pastor Carter and Norma were both saved in 1972, in Gautier Mississippi, U.S.A. Immediately they began to get very involved in their local church, and not long after that Bill felt the call of God in his heart to preach. Within a few months, Bill and Norma found themselves moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Bible College (Tennessee Temple).


It was whilst at Bible College, Bill and Norma saw a missionary presentation on the spiritual condition of England. Far from being the spiritual place they thought, the spiritual condition of England was in a sharp decline with churches closing and attendance dropping dramatically.


The country that was once the seat of many revivals and the home of modern missions was now in a great spiritual need. This burden weighed heavily on their hearts. After a period of seeking the Lord, as to what He would have them to do, God confirmed to them that He would have them to go to England. In the last year of Bible College Bill and Norma were accepted into “Baptist World Mission”. In just over two years of deputation they had raised the necessary support to leave for England in October 1979.


They sought a home and then a building for the church. On 3rd February 1980, they held their first service at “Lightwater Country Park Community Centre”. The church was then called “Lightwater Baptist Church”.

The church is a strong Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing, Baptist Church.


They officially constituted as a church on the 11th October 1981. The church continued to meet at the Community Centre for 16½ years. The numerical growth of the work was slow, but they remained faithful. Due to the poor state of repair of the Community Centre, they sought another building in which to meet. It was on 3rd July 1996 that the church moved to the newly built  “Valley End Institute Building” , Windlesham, Surrey.



In July of 1998, the church extended a call to Roy Clements, to be the Assistant Pastor of the church, with a view to becoming their Pastor, in due time. Pastor Clements worked alongside Pastor Carter for a year. He then assumed the position as Acting Pastor whilst Pastor Carter went on an extended furlough in 2000.


On February 14th 2001 the church unanimously called Pastor Clements as their Pastor. Since then the Lord has blessed this church and the attendance has grown steadily. The church continues to meet at the  “Valley End Institute Building” , and continues to sow the seed of the Word of God, and is a strong Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing, Baptist Church.