What to Expect


We have car parking available along with on street parking for all visitors. We have ramped access to the Church and disabled access toilets. We also have an individual loop hearing system for those requiring assistance.


Disabled Access Hearing Loop





Bible Version

We believe the K.J.V. (King James Version) is the best and most accurate bible translation for the English language. We use it in all our preaching and teaching and as our pew bible.



Sunday Mornings & Evenings

We believe the K.J.V. (King James Version)

Our Sunday meetings are fairly traditional in nature. You will receive a warm welcome at the front door and provided with a hymn book and a bible, (if you require one). The hymn numbers are displayed at the front of the church, and the number of each hymn is also announced by the preacher before it is sung. It is normal to stand up for the singing of the hymns, if you are able to do so.


Both, our Sunday morning, and our Sunday evening meetings last for around 1 hour and follow the same basic pattern, although the order may vary slightly. Each meeting will include announcements, singing, and Bible reading, but most of the time will be taken up with teaching from the Bible.


 Wednesday Evenings

Wednesday is our prayer meeting and bible study time. It is a more informal structure where we take time to share praises of the week past and prayer requests to bring before the Lord. Our bible study time is often topical and geared towards issues and questions that have arisen. It is a structured study time with interactive questions and answers from the congregation.



Crèche Facilities

We have crèche facilities for all children under 5 years of age. We encourage all parents to avail themselves of this ministry, as they will be able to be ministered to without distraction, knowing that their children are in safe hands in the next room.